Birth, stone / for Christofle

Christofle, well-known French silver company was founding in mid-19th century. Their traditional birth gift is famous in the world as to be transfered by generation into generation.

Ecal students were asked to design a new silver birth gift which can be have several meaning for the baby’s life.

I designed the baby’s name template which can transform it’s function in the life from as a certification of baby’s birth, practicing of writing into memory of the birth, but it always show an importance meaning “how baby is special”.

Babies’ names are given by their parents.

My message to a future baby through this gift is that “all babies are special and unique just as no two natural stones have the same shape.”

The project was exhibited for Designer’s day in Paris in the Christofle showroom,
9 Rue Royal.

Birth, stone / Name template for Christofle
November 2010
Company : Christofle
Material: Silver

Guest teachers :  Xavier Perrenoud


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