Crystal, pop / for Baccarat

A lollipop featuring Baccarat’s characteristic flat-cuts of traditional Harcourt glass.

“It will be happy if we can share the Harcourt’s tradition and beauty through traditional handmade sugared candy in Milan.” It was the first thought came up in my head.

In this Baccarat project, I reinterpreted the its icon, the famous Harcourt glassware, for its 170 years anniversary in 2011. The design of this glassware has not changed since it was created, and is has become a classic of the diplomatic world, used on the table of Napoleon III to that of Jean-Paul II.

“Look like sugared candy! It seems yammy.” Crystal pop, idea came up by visiting to the baccarat’s factory in Lorraine, where I discovered crystal glass-making, with the monumental ovens and the millimetric precision of the production process of pieces that are still made by hand today.

The beauty of crystal and candy are both born in fire, also have a lot of similarities on making, coloring and decoration techniques. The fusion creates the Crystal pop. It shines in your hand, sweets your mouth and heart.

Crystal lollipop were gifted at Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan 2011. People can enjoy eatable crystal and Baccarat’s crystal together in the exhibition. It was success to share a happy aspect of Baccarat’s history through traditional friendly product.

A Crystal pop, inspired by Baccarat’s Harcourt glass flat-cuts.

Various similarities on Candy and Crystal making.

Research into decoration techniques used in both sugar candy and crystal making

Crystal pop & its package, gifted in Salone Internazionale del Mobile, 2011

Crystal pop : Lollipop
April 2010
Company : Baccarat
Material: Sugar

Guest teachers : Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby
Candy manufactureing : Denis Villa
Pictures by : ECAL-Julien Chavaillaz /Fumiko Ito


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