Home, my place

“Home, my place” is a series of door handles.

On 11th, March, 2011, earthquake and tsunami struck Japan. The massive impact of the nature’s great power had changed people’s life and their view forever in one night. People no longer seek for materials and properties as their priority, but heart-warming human connection which shall provide inter-reliable mental comfort and relief.

“Calamity is man’s true touchstone” – Beaumont and Fletcher

This catastrophe led me to a deeper thought – “What is the real essence of luxury if we take the desire of material away…?”

I believe that happiness, relief, and emotional attachment are the pith and marrow of luxury, and Home, the port of our heart, is the place where we can find them all. Having a place that we truly belong to is the most luxurious thing. In my design, I would like to enhance the relation between human and home.

Door handle, as an in-between object, spatially connects the inside and the outside, home entering and leaving. It is the medium that reveals and increases the notion of space shifting. Through inviting and playful shapes, ”Home, my place” not only practically connects human and home, but also transfers the action into emotionally-attaching memories, which eternally bind one and his/her family tightly. An organic shape of handles that fits human grips makes door opening warm and comfortable. For adults, it is easy to grab, and for children and elders, pushing or pulling are similarly effortless.

Through sample and sincere shapes invite you to touch the handle. As an object, the door handle represents the relieving warmth of home.

Key as a part of your room works not only about function, but also for an intimate relationship with you and your room.

The shapes of handle and key hole are inspired by the feeling of the human touch.

Motherly softness and warm living energy can be felt in the door handle.

Bring a part of your home outside with you as a protection charm.

Research drawings

Shape research

Home, my place : Door handle series
June 2011
Ecal / Master Diploma project
Material: Bronze with Chrome plating


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